Trying Hemp Oil Products

I tried HEMP oil skin care products

I have to be completely honest with you guys. I was kinda scared to write about this on my blog because some people relate HEMP oil with smoking marihuana.  It has NOTHING to do with it. Even though the oil is extracted from the same plant,  when you use it as part of your skin … Continue reading I tried HEMP oil skin care products

1 T-shirt 5 Looks

Como mi post anterior fue todo un éxito, aquí les dejo 5 maneras de usar un t-shirt.  Esta vez es uno de mis favoritos que va con todo: de color blanco con un estampado de labios rojos, obviamente de ARIAS Couture. Se presta tanto para un look extra sport como para un look casual elegante. … Continue reading 1 T-shirt 5 Looks